Turn Slack into your team's very own Spotify jukebox

Alright Fonzies, get your rock on.

Jukebot is a modern day jukebox. Create your office soundtrack collaboratively via Slack.

Search for tracks, artists and albums using the commands you are already familiar with; and add the tracks you love to your playlist.

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Turntable.fm for Slack!? 😱 πŸ‘πŸΌ
@rrhoover Thanks for upvoting Ryan! We're going with the jukebox 2.0 reference 🎡 🎡
Very nice idea and good accomplishment. In my opinion, this tool would be very popular in near future.
@hr_ant99 Thanks Hrant! Means a lot. If you have integrated it, let us know how it goes :) Happy listening!
@alexdebecker Will give any suggestion I would think of.
Hey hunters, thanks for checking us out. Jukebot was conceived during a Friday afternoon work 'meeting' at the local drinking establishment. Somehow, the subject moved on to the office playlist and how cool it would be if we could all have a hand in setting the musical tone. Imagine being able to search and add tracks directly from Slack and give feedback to our co-workers on what we thought of their choices. As the creativity continued to flow, we quickly realised we wouldn't be the only team who would find this useful. So we went ahead and built it, 'cause that's how we roll. Two weeks later, Jukebot was born. Integrate your Slack team in three simple steps. 1. Authenticate with Spotify straight from getjukebot.com. 2. Give your playlist a name. 3. Authenticate with Slack. When you have done this, a whole new realm of Slack commands will be available for your team for managing your jukebox. Rock on!
This guy...now I have to stop working to test this :-)
@leanshot Thanks, Leo! Let us know how you get on. Please do upvote, share, tweet, etc. :) Any help is much welcomed!
Amazing concept. Hope it becomes a things. Congrats anyways.
@red_mutiny thanks Albert, glad you like it.