Easy group listening for Spotify

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Hi all, Chris here, chief maker of Juke. We were sat in an upstate New York pub and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if the music we liked was automatically playing through their speakers?” That triggered an immediate reaction of utilising the iPhone’s low-energy Bluetooth to find people nearby, and then creating a custom music stream of their Spotify playlists. Hyper-local music, if you will—great for parties and offices. We’ve got some big plans in place, mainly exploring how we can apply this to commercial environments. So it’d be very cool to get your feedback on the concept and execution so far. Thanks!
This is really interesting @chrishaledesign. I dig the concept and can't wait to try it.
@sethlouey Thanks Seth! Let us know how you get on :)
Really great product. I think it would be neat to have a voting system between the listeners at the party to determine which song will play next. Potentially showing a subset of "next" songs from everyone's spotify lists, and then people can easily upvote the song they prefer to be played next.
@brdick Thanks! The goal was to build something that is completely automatic; you walk into a room and you hear the kind of music you like. But you're right, it would be great to have something that you could manually control as well. After all, no algorithm is going to be able to pick a song better than a human could manually :)
It's a great opportunity for all music lovers! Upvote and following you! ;)
@iamalizade Thanks for the support Orkhan :)
This is a cool concept!