JuJu Beta

Rewards & recognition reinvented for the workplace

The most powerful way to drive employee engagement is simply to say thank you, yet most rewards & recognition programs fail to do so.
We help you nurture a culture rich in appreciation by making it easy for anyone to genuinely express their appreciation.
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Maurice Schill
Master builder at JuJuApp.io
My younger brother inspired me to explore the subject of appreciation in detail, and is the one who came up with the idea of giving people JuJus. I took this fun, and quirky concept and explored it's applications. We all inherently know that expressing our appreciation is important, yet don't do it enough. Especially in the workplace. An environment we spend the majority of our waking hours. My mission with this app is to create positive work environments, that acknowledges that people are people, and not cogs in a machine. Appreciation is a human need, and not simply a means to an end. It's also all of our responsibility to help fulfil this need. The current approach organisation take with their rewards & recognition programs is fundamentally flawed. They tend to focus on creating complex and ineffective bonuses, commissions, and awards rather than trying to look at what people really want. There is an ever growing body of research that support this, yet we keep trying to do the same thing expecting different results. Insanity! Enough about JuJu. My purpose for sharing this with the Product Hunt community is two fold; 1. I invite anyone to share their thoughts, feedback, concerns, and advice. 2. If you, like me believe it's time to change how we think about running our business, and how we treat the people that make everything happen than help us prove that it can be done differently by joining our Beta program by contacting me, or commenting below!