An innovative cold press juicer that requires no cleaning

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interesting. seems like a re-usable and use your own ingredients version of Juicero, which has raised almost $120mil
JUISIR is an innovative cold press juicer that extracts juice from fresh fruit and vegetables through a press with about eight-tons of force (approximately equal to the size of two adult elephants) in only 90 seconds JUISIR offers two types of juicing bags - single use or multiple use, which are made from either biodegradable or recyclable materials. You can recycle or reuse the juicing bag. Chop fruit and vegetables into pieces roughly the size of a dollar coin for maximum yield. JUISIR exerts about 8 tonnes of force so that the fruit is squashed to a paper-like thinness and virtually every drop of nutritious juice is captured in the glass.
Seems like an interesting idea since cleaning a juicer is horrible. I'm wondering what kind of lifetime those reusable bags will have and how that will affect the lifetime cost of use.
@paulprins I'd hope they're at least as good as the Oliso Frisper vacuum seal bags. I typically get around 8-12 uses out of them (though washing is a bit of a science), which makes it pretty worth it relative to the higher cost of the bags compared to single-use.
Slow-Juicer fanatic here. Does it do carrots? Ginger?
I have an Omega 8000 series auger juicer. Its better than the centrifugal juicers shown in the video and not at all hard to clean. I'm curious how Juisir stacks up in terms of extraction efficiency. If it can't get the same amount of juice as an auger juicer, the convenience isn't worth it IMO.