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#3 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2014
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Juiiicy was the original inspiration for Meeet: A place for designers (and, in this instance, clients) to connect. Juiiicy is used to help designers find projects to work on, and pays designers for referring projects to others. It's a win-win situation. Personally, I haven't used Juiiicy much (I'm mostly a developer), but I think everyone can appreciate the beautiful design and great amount of creativity put forth by the founders.
I'd appreciate if anyone has reviews. I just sent this to a few designer friends, but want to get some opinions before I send it out to more
@EAWharton Can you please elaborate? Recommendations for what? :)
@nhbschr reviews. It's a rough Sunday. I edited my comment so it makes sense
@EAWharton Ah! Gotcha. I'm not much help here, as my option would be biased and I haven't used it much. :)
Juiiicy is a very nice working concept, but if you actually ask designers who applied for those jobs via Juiiicy— they will tell you in 99% that it never worked out, nobody ever replied back. I tried myself with same result.