The first at-home, cold-press juicing system

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Pricing hidden 19 layers deep, behind account creation, is irritating as hell.
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@shloky what was the price?
@justin_k I stopped caring at account creation. According to a TechCrunch article its $699. #SaveADozenClicks
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@shloky Also no hinting at how much the packs cost
@shloky wow. That seems really expensive for a machine that squeezes a bag. Maybe it does more, but the site does not give much detail.
@ebesser $8-$10 for an 8 Oz. serving pack. It was in a NYT article. Like others, agree the lack of upfront pricing is a poor choice.
$699 for the juicer and $5-7 for each glass of juice, well, it's expensive. I'll stick to my $50 juicer and $20/week veggies
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I have some friends that will be really excited to try/buy this (I'm not a big juice fan). According to @ajs' article in BI, Jony Ive and Yves Béhar from Apple had a hand in the design. More details in the video:
@rrhoover @ajs Ryan, did you know that you can add juice to La Croix? ;-)
@rrhoover @ajs this video is the Donald Drumft of marketing videos.
@rrhoover @ajs New dreams of juicing every day emerging from great video : ) Dreams crushed when finding out price : (
After reading some articles on the internet. I didn't found a lot of studies talking about the lyophilisation of the vegetables. I was wondering if all the nutritional values stays the same and if the process doesn't modify the chemistry of the vegetables. Your product seems good but if finally you drink something worst than a real vegetables juices with daily product, what's the point? Do you have any studies talking about it?
I do not understand. Why would I need a machine to dispense my bagged juice? Can't I just pour the juice directly out of the bag and into my glass? Am I missing something?
@georgegayl It's cold pressed juice, the pack has veggies/fruit and the machine pressing the bag to extract the juice.