Juiced Boards

Authentic electric longboards

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Looks like Boosted Boards 👀 What makes this unique?
@bentossell It looks like it's pretty cheap. like 2 times cheaper than boosted. It looks like a total copy though :/. The name and colours. Good price, maybe good product, that marketing though :/
@wokalski looks like a belt free version that delivers at lower cost - what's not to love?
@bentossell I can see that first they used hub motors, so no straps to replace and since the hub motors are sealed no water or dust damage possible. Probably less powerful, but much more affordable. And yes, I wished they had at the very lease their own colour to differentiate from the orange Boosted Boards.
@bentossell Because it's "authentic" , although I was really hoping for an Artisan Organic Juiced Board
Nice to see a product launch from Canada!
Awesome to see you are from Red Deer!!! I've wanted an electric longboard for a long time now. Great to see the comparison (and PRICE!) compared to Boosted! Although the Boosted website shows 22mph and 25º incline. My biggest concern is about battery safety. How do I know this isn't going to cause fires like the hoverboards? Can I save on shipping by visiting you in Red Deer?
@tombielecki Hey Tom! Battery safety is a big deal for us and was a major consideration in developing the Juiced Board. One of the big factors with battery safety is the balance between capacity and output. Our selected battery conforms to the UN 38.3 battery standard. UN 38.3 testing includes tests for heat, vibration, shock, external short circuits, impact, overcharge, & forced discharge. This standard is one of the major determining factors of a battery being considered airline safe. We worked hard to balance performance with that battery capacity/output and went through many revisions of batteries, hardware and programing to land with our final version of our product.
Total boosted ripoff. Jesus people, have some pride in yourself. Might as well be made in china.
@shawnkirsch Since when was manufacturing in China a bad thing?
@boymeetscode should clarify, I meant that it looks like a Chinese knockoff. No problems manufacturing in china.
couldn't even use different colors? psh