Move beyond reports and dashboards

Juicebox is a solution for organizations that are targeting a broad, non-analytical audience who would benefit from an interactive data story rather than a dashboard. Juicebox users can easily explore data, share important findings, and turn insights into actions. Built on AWS, Juicebox offers custom user permission, SSO and direct data integration

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Hello Product Hunt, I'm a co-founder at Juice Analytics, makers of Juicebox. We've been on a decade-long mission to answer a tough question: How can we empower anyone to present data in ways that will compel their audience to action? Sure, there are a lot of tools for visualizing data (e.g. Tableau, Qlik, Power BI), but they all seemed to miss on a few key points: 1. Everything should start with a focus on the end-user of the data. If you can't connect with them, all the analysis and charts amount to nothing. 2. People like to consume information in a logical, narrative structure. That's why we've focused on created data apps as guided data stories. 3. Analysis of data doesn't take place in isolation. Users need to work together and collaborate on insights. So we built a tool to create the kinds of compelling data stories we wanted to see. We wanted to give analysts, consultants, and product owners an ability to demonstrate the value of their data to their most important audiences. Here are a few of the important features we've built into Juicebox: * A library of unique visualization components, each crafted to answer common data questions * A unique interaction model to deliver a guided story to your end-users * Automated ETL tools to connect to your data sources, wherever they are * Sophisticated user permission controls so users with access only see the data that is meant for them. * White-label styling flexibility so your Juicebox app represents your brand * Capabilities to integrate with existing solutions, so your users can experience the value of Juicebox within your environment.

Over all the product definitely looks promising.


Liked how it represent data. The story form is new.


Not sure about the integrations. Would love to have lot of one click integration with the tools we use everyday.