Moms helping moms. Get things done and earn some money.

Jugglr brings the gig economy to millennial moms! We are a community of moms willing to help each other out in our local area. Find local jobs by helping other mothers or just exchange help. Make new friends, get things done and earn some money along the way.

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Why do men always make apps for moms as if they are the only ones who are parents?
@sm 100% agree. why not an app like this for parents in general?
@sm @ashleydano Hi and thank you for your comments. I suggest reading this article from Elizabeth Broderick http://malechampionsofchange.com... Elizabeth inspired me, my daughters make my mission compelling. Why moms and not dads? Jugglr is about creating a community of moms helping moms in their local area with the intent to disrupt the labour market for women with children. Why? Because the current options available to women with children do not have the flexibility they need, in a modern and equal society that flexibility should be there. Our goal @Jugglrapp is to close the gender pay gap in ONE generation. We set out to do this by leveraging the gig economy. We don't provide 'places to go with the kids', 'things to do with the family'. We want to create options to make women with children lives easier by connecting them with the purpose of helping one another. Hope this answer your questions. Cheers. e
It seems like there is a higher base level of trust in allowing someone who is also a mother to watch your child. And eventually it could build a community of moms all helping each other out. I'm not even a mom and I love this idea!
@nneuman Thank you for your feedback!
Your idea is so great! If you localize it to some Asia country, it may bring a big hit. Cause there are many housewives and they are willing to help each other more. Actually, we have some housewife community in my country to help about children care but this app would help with more task.
@govulcan Hi and thank you for your feedback. Which country would you suggest starting in Asia, please? We'd love to hear more! Thank you. e
@e_jugglr Hi Elio, your app is build base on people's love and kindness so I think Janpan is an idea Asia country to start. Then, you can consider Korean, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and my country also - Vietnam :D
This app will help a lot of single parents. Although it will be nice not to limit this just for mothers, I believe that fathers should also be included so even fathers who are struggling can get help easily. Maybe you can consider developing a male version of this as well? :)
Hi, found it very interesting. Are there any plans to bring this to Brazil? Would you be willing to talk about it?