Fun and easy way to plan get-togethers with friends

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Hey Product Hunters! I helped design Juggle. The team is looking forward to feedback from the community. Thanks!
Great idea. Love that you can send the "invitation" to people who don't have Juggle (yet).
Slick app @diklein! What was the most common use case you guys saw in testing the app? At some point, would love to see some suggested places for where to go/what to do around me on the Juggle homescreen. Huge opp't there for you all!
@jongilman that's a great idea and we're planning on doing something similar down the road (soon). Thanks for the feedback!
@jongilman Thanks! The most common use case we saw while testing was people who wanted to hang out with close friends in the next few days, but who didn't want to use a cumbersome website. Suggested place is a great idea, and it's in the pipeline.
Hi all. I am Reza and the co-founder of Juggle. Glad to be on Product Hunt. Welcoming any feedback on our product, approach and design.
hey @diklein! Just downloaded the app. What a great idea! so sick of group texts trying to plan out get togethers. Just sent out my first invite to friends. Great user interface. I'll post their feedback soon. Super easy to send invitations. Thanks!
@schipke Thank you so much!