Tinder for Jewish People

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@alexschiff - care to share your experiences?
@_DanFriedman haha, by virtue of going out with a girl I met on here am I the resident expert on Jswipe? I fiddled around with this app in a few places, this was my experience. San Francisco - where @_DanFriedman showed me the app. I got a couple matches, but we concluded that most of the profiles were fake/scraped since they had no info. No one else I knew had heard of it. Boston - played around with it when I got back from SF and actually got quite a few matches for the amount of swipes. Conversion rates on swipes and messages were much higher than other apps like Tinder. I met up with a girl from it once but we didn't really click (or at least that was my impression). Otherwise, no one else I knew had heard of it. Suburbs of Detroit (specifically West Bloomfield) - depending on what you're looking for this app was either made for this area or made for this area to avoid. West Bloomfield is an extremely Jewish area, and everyone's Jewish parents and grandparents are constantly asking you "when you're going to meet a nice Jewish girl/boy?" Any Jew in that area is *max* 2 degrees of separation away from another Jew. So when you use the app in that area it feels a little like this: "That camp counselor I had a crush on...ex-girlfriend's friend...that girl I used to sit next to in high school English...friend's sister..friend's poisonous ex-girlfriend..." And even amongst the people you don't know at all, everyone has 10+ mutual friends (if not 50+). So depending on what you're looking for, it's either great or terrible. Either way, everyone was talking about it in that area. If I were the Jswipe founders, I'd take a hard look at their users in West Bloomfield!
@alexschiff amazing. in addition to productivity, you are now a thought leader in the jewish dating space ;)
@eriktorenberg my nana would be proud
@alexschiff nice feedback for the founders, I hope they read it. Your story about Detroit reminds me of Iceland's Anti-Incest app http://www.thedailybeast.com/art...
@alexschiff - I'm so proud of you! Those were some incredible insights. What were your best conversation starters on JSwipe?
@_DanFriedman one person had a bunch of UM-related photos so my opener was simply, "GOOOO..." Her response, naturally, was "BLUE!"