Get perspective on your habits and get a better you

A beautiful and minimal habit tracker that works in the browser. I wrote about why I saretd this little journey: http://journal.jststrt.com/introduction/.

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The ‘js’ logo made me feel like it’s JavaScript tutorials for beginners… and soon I read it as ‘JavaScript Start’ You might want to change that one
@navarjun Great feedback! I totally get your point. I'll think about it. I can assure one thing: find a name is really hard :)
@smknstd that’s true… just changing the logo would help. Name can stay!
The UI looks cool! But I think you have an invalid certificate, I got your connection is not private message on Chrome.
@iamtekeste Thanx for the feedback. I just made an audit of my ssl setup, and I'll do my best to improve it. But at the moment it seems to work great with all modern browsers. Which version of chrome are you using ?
@smknstd I just checked it again, it is looking good!! 😍