An app that gives you a JavaScript tip a day!

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I really like the approach of learning one bit at a time, instead of being overwhelmed with content so that you don't start learning in the first place. Since I'm teaching myself in JS right now, this is a perfect addition. I'd only suggest to make it visually more compelling. The logo is nice, but the actual app design doesn't follow that up. Also syntax highlighting would be awesome.
@itsdavelux Thanks to @loverajoel for initiating wonderful repo to learn javascript. Appreciate your suggestion and will include it in the next version.
Good job, there are things to improve but it really useful. The app it's one more way to follow the day js tip, there are more platforms and we have an official site http://www.jstips.co/ Thanks for contribute!
I like it: very simple, and yet slowly, but surely, it improves your skill. I feel that it could be designed better, but I am sure that it will be done in future. Still, the simplicity is the key. Nice product!
@marchenkomark Thanks! Completely agree with you on the design part. Will come up with better design soon.
Thanks @t55 for featuring JsTips. JsTips provides short and useful JavaScript tips that help you improve your code writing. By sparing less than 2 minutes each day, you will be able to read about performance, conventions, hacks, interview questions and all the items related to this amazing language. The app is based on GitHub repo https://github.com/loverajoel/js... by @loverajoel.
@mscccc is always sending me JS tips
@bentossell @mscccc no mo, I guess. ;-) The JsTips notification system does a pretty good job on its own.