Submit a link to get summary data about it in JSON format

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If you find yourself needing to get additional information for a link, JSONify.link offers a really simple API that's much easier than scraping the site yourself. And the best part is, it's FREE! I can see this being useful for anyone who's doing a site that aggregates links, so you can automatically pull in extra information about a link after your user submits it.
@mikeaag Thanks, Mike! I made this because I've needed to get URL summaries in various projects in the past. I figured an API I can keep using would be useful. I assume others have to do this too for chat/social apps, so it's an open API anyone can use.
This is super cool. I love little tools that do one thing well. Can easily see the value here in grabbing useful data from links for use in a tonne of different ways. Sure we'll use this at some point.
This is really cool, perfect for creating a nice link display in my chat app. Thanks!
@ido_co No worries! Let me know if there's anything I can improve.