App to convert JSON into human friendly tabular format.

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I stumbled upon Json2Html when I needed it most, a few weeks ago. A real time-saver, thanks for creating this @s0ftvar :-)
@marwannas Glad to help you :)
@s0ftvar tell us the story here :)
@bentossell Yea, it started a long time back when I started learning and loving web development. I found many people have to deal with (complex) JSON many a times and sometimes a lot of work is required in pre-processing / parsing the JSON response into the desired usable form. Instead of displaying the data in numerous interactive ways, one could simply convey the meaning in it's basic tabular manner, if possible. By simply viewing the data in tabular format, it's really easy to understand the entire data / information quickly. The more the information, the more JSON becomes nested in structure and the more it becomes trickier to handle. Json2Html is helpful in easy representation of `JSON`ly encoded data and even validating the same quickly (no more special characters, better readability). Instead of sharing a long, deeply nested, complex JSON with peers, share its visually appealing tabular format (table's pic / HTML code) whenever finalising the JSON structure to be used, and bright like a star. It might serve a good purpose to non technical people :)
Upvoted since it's open source ;) https://github.com/softvar/json2...
I liked your idea. Good luck !!!