JSON Web Container

Take any HTML and plug it into native app with JSON markup

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Hi guys, first of all if you aren’t aware of Jasonette, please check that out first https://www.producthunt.com/post... JSON Web Container is a new addition for Jasonette, where you can take ANY HTML+Javascript+CSS and turn them into a native component you can plug in. And all this with just a single JSON markup. You just take the entire HTML markup and wrap it with a JSON markup. There’s no complicated build process or anything. You just write the same simple JSON markup and magically you will see your web view integrate into a native app. And the best part is you can cross over between the web and native very easily because these web containers are treated as native components by Jasonette. You can plug it into your fullscreen background, or plug it into native scrollview and native layout. You can style them, resize them, and manipulate them just like native components.
Doper than a muthasucka lol🚬🚬🚬 This really is dope
This is an awesome development for this platform that I love. Great work Ethan!
I found that i have to get a code in json format! Can i do with with simple html code ?
@prabhakar_thota if you just have a simple HTML code that would be a website! The power of using this approach is you can take any web app or web element and plug it into a native app just like a native component, and you somehow need to describe how it will fit into the app, and that's why you need to use JSON. Like you see in the picture above, it's really simple. Inside the container it's just pure HTML like you wanted, but outside of HTML, you describe its layout with JSON. You can also play around with all the code seen in the demo video here: https://github.com/Jasonette/Jas... Hope this makes sense!
Is this like Intel XDK app development?
@androidlove It's a new release for Jasonette, which lets you build native apps by just writing JSON markup https://www.jasonette.com It's completely native for ios (objective-c) and android (java), the idea is you remote control all the native layouts, components and native function calls just by writing a JSON markup. This particular release (Web Container) goes further and lets you take any HTML+JS+CSS and plug it into Jasonette using the same JSON markup, and use it like native components. You can learn more about Jasonette here https://medium.freecodecamp.com/...