JSON Generator

Create mock and sample JSON using a powerful template syntax

#5 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2014

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Nice tool, and I use https://jsonformatter.org for JSON analysis.
@irispanabaker I like https://jsonformatter.org, great tool. Bookmarked.
Used this fairly recently in the development of a map powered by a *lot* of location data– in general it was really awesome to be able to generate thousands of datapoints from a specific schematic structure, it would have been harder to test the map realistically without it.
This is so cool @johnsheehan - another excellent Runscope-powered tool! :-)
@SDMattG We're just sponsoring the hosting costs. @vazhaom deserves all the credit!
@SDMattG glad you liked it :)
Cool! It would be interesting that mocking of JSON happen through a UI :)