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Creator here! jsnoxious is a simple service which lets you create API endpoints and program them using Javascript, directly in the browser. The product is in ways a tongue-in-check parody of the Javascript ecosystem and the chaos that ensued after left-pad was removed from NPM last year. Despite the satirical wording and examples I hope some cool and potentially useful endpoints will be built. jsnoxious is 100% free and all endpoints are public, feel free to create an account, try it out and share your endpoints here! :)
@fabianlindfors Great work! Is this an open source project?
@arjunz not currently, no. Would love to make it open source but I'd have to clean up the code first. Going to try and find some time for it!
@fabianlindfors Lovely product! It would be great if you gave us some description or use cases, so ProductHunt users would be able to know about your product before opening the website.
@alireza94 Great idea, thanks!
This is a great idea and it's easy to use. Is it possible to import js libraries in case I want to handle more complex situations?
@catapop84 Not currently but I have been thinking a bit about it. Are there are any special libraries you have in mind? I could add a few as defaults!
@fabianlindfors I use Lodash a lot latetly. But it would be nice to be able to import my own custom libraries. Another cool feature will be to be able to read http headers, not just parameters. Keep up the good work. This could be a good ,fast and easy testing tool.
@catapop84 importing custom libraries would be really nice, going to have to think about a solution for that! HTTP headers are also a nice addition, thanks for the suggestion!
Neat idea, started making some of my gists into endpoints.
@itsnblackburn hadn't thought of that, cool! Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions for improvements.
@fabianlindfors I think it would be good to have a public directory of endpoints created so other people can benefit from them.
Haven't signed up, because it doesn't show how it looks without signing up, but how does this compare to runkit?