Make iOS extensions on your phone using pure JavaScript

[video] https://twitter.com/cyanapps/status/989369098479063041

JSBox is an Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript. You can learn to code JavaScript here, as we provide tons of utilities to enhance the development experience.

JSBox is amazing for both beginners and experienced engineers. Don't you wanna try it out?

  • Pros: 

    Abundant and handy APIs, easy UI constructor, customizable widget and event triggers,share sheet action,URL scheme,objc runtime,VSCode sync


    Few events of UI controls, no C/C++ wrapper support (like dlopen in Pythonista), debugger not show in action mode, no socket API

    It is another convenient app to DIY you own tools for your workflow. It combines flexibility and usability. If you have learned Javascript and know basic knowledge of building an app, I highly recommend it.

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  • Pros: 

    Clean UI, rich functions and infinite possibilities


    Need JavaScript knowledge

    This is a platform where developer or JavaScript hobbist can turn their mind spark to elegant apps

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Hey guys, I'm glad to share my product on Product Hunt with you! **JSBox** is a mobile JavaScript IDE for iOS, but not only that. The philosophy of JSBox is **become a creator**, you can interact with iOS directly using very simple JavaScript APIs. It's very easy to make your own apps/workflows like: - Upload photos you have just taken to the server - Create a widget to check bus information - Schedule tasks by leveraging date-based or location-based notifications - Design an extension for the Photos app to search photos directly - Design your own widget and keyboard - Make a real-time tool to query the exchange rate - Collect your most important contacts and handle it on the widget TL;DR? OK, here is a video to show you how it works: https://twitter.com/cyanapps/sta... Reach me out [@cyanapps](https://twitter.com/cyanapps) for any questions or suggestions, thanks! By the way, we are going to share 5 promo codes by selecting upvoted user randomly tomorrow, good luck!
worth spreading
nice tool!