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I'm the creator of jQuery Cards. If anyone has any questions, then please feel free to ask
@aaronlumsden Website looks cool. Can I know what framework you used or its custom coded?
@evivz The site uses Wordpress. It's a custom coded theme :-)
@aaronlumsden Love the website and the idea. Congrats!
@aaronlumsden Thanks for doing this. Curated resources are awesome. Nice work!
@aaronlumsden Congrats Aaron! Looks great and I've already discovered quite a few new helpful plugins!
Fresh design! Makes me wanna play with the planes :)
Do you know http://www.unheap.com/ ? its really similar and it's been longer I think ;)
@deambulando Been a fan of Unheap since it was created. I always appreciated the custom graphics the author creates for each plugin.
Looks good, and good luck with it.
@carolskelly Thanks Carol :-)
A bit of feedback: - Missing pagination numbers - Screenshots of the plugin would be cool a gif showing what does xD - link to home page of the plugin and the demo
@deambulando Hi yeah unheap has been going a while. The difference between this is that I wanted all the info to be in one place rather than having to go from site to site. The plan eventually is to have a demo of each plugin on the site too. I will sort the pagination numbers out though :-) Agreed about the screenshots. Thanks for the feedback
@aaronlumsden awesome!! keep up ;)