If HQ Trivia and Uber had a baby, it would be JoyRide. Games start when you get in the Uber – answer 10 questions correctly, and your ride is free. Use referral code "uberhenkholveck" for a free life when you sign up.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Love the idea! How are you monetizing this? Selling user data? Affiliate? It looks awesome. I’m just confused as to how you’re paying out without a clear monetization route.
@masondwear Great question! For now our number one priority is scaling up and making sure we have a fun and engaging game so that you’ll want to play JoyRide every time. Later on there’ll be many different ways we can monetize including sponsored games. But one thing is for sure, we’ll want to make sure it won’t risk the user experience 😊
Will it be available on Android?
Amazing product, I play it every time in an UBer with no risk to win a free ride. I can see this scale to the masses in the coming months.
Always thought the in-ride Uber API was underutilized. Imagine how important it will be when self-driving cars arrive.
something for lyft would be awesome
@forbes554 It's in the makings. Stay tuned :)