Freemium set of 3,057 native emoji icons ✨

#3 Product of the DayJune 21, 2019
Formerly EmojiOne, JoyPixels Version 5.0 is Unicode 12 compliant featuring 230 brand new emoji and over 1,500 remastered designs. All icons remain free for personal use, since 2014!
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Congrats on the update @rick_moby and team, the new designs look awesome! For JoyPixels 6.0, it would be amazing if you considered adding more pride flags to your set. We've put together a list of Unicode formulas we believe the LGBTQ+ community and other publishers can agree upon to add these meaningful symbols. You can find it over on our petition: Let us know what you think!
@fullscreen Thank you so much!! Amazing work on this campaign video. No surprise that you guys have almost reached your signature goal. This is a topic we've thought about in the past and something we'd like to contribute toward. I'd love to speak privately with you on this. I'll message you via PH!
@fullscreen I love your video!! So cool
Hi Rick, glad to see you back, They look much better than Twemoji. But due to the fact Twemoji are free, we are using them on our youtube videos. Can we use them or that will be considered as commercial usage?
@sam1984s Thx Sam, happy to be back! We made the choice a few years ago to put everything we have into EmojiOne (now JoyPixels), in both time and investment to become a premium brand. Quality/service became our primary mission and we’re grateful to still be here. :) For YouTube channels... as long as its generating revenue a premium license is required to use the our emoji within videos/thumbs. Btw, there’s a launch promo of 25% off a premium license until June 26 (automatically applied at checkout). We’d love to earn your business someday and respect your choice either way. In the meantime, we'll keep working hard. 🙌
These are fantastic! The detail on them are 💯
Happy Thursday hunters! Some of you still remember us as EmojiOne. We're now operating under a fresh new brand and today we're launching our 5th generation of emoji icons: JoyPixels 5.0! We remain a small crew (spread worldwide) of humble designers and programmers looking to spread joy through our icons. All emoji continue to be free for personal use (up to 128px/png). Our freemium business model relies on premium/enterprise licenses to keep us going. If you enjoy our new designs, please upvote to show your love. 💞
I think version 4 looks better than version 5. Is there an option to choose the older version?
@benjif Yes, absolutely. Version 4 remains available for download, in both free and premium formats. If purchasing a Version 5 premium license, previous versions (v3 and v4) and included. :)