Quickly share photos/videos in public or private groups

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Hey Product Hunters, Releasing another app I have been working on for some time. Came up with the idea originally as a way for me and my girlfriend to quickly share photos and videos throughout the day that we can always look back on at anytime. It's really fun when the grid fills up. Hope you all like it and take the time to try it out. I setup a ProductHunt group that anyone can join right away and start posting. Let's see what all you PHers are up to!
@joedandachli Very Good project, the option to add caption to the pictures is either not very visible or i can't find it! :) Nice idea. I ran into this problem last week, we had a group treasure hunt, everyone was taking pictures and videos from different phones, and the sharing was a pain. Wish i had this last week!
Nice concept @joedandachli :) I just joined the ProductHunt group and posted a picture by mistake ^^ It would be great to allow the user to delete a photo. A little question about the backend : what kind of database are you running for the accounts data and the photo storage? Thanks a lot and good luck! ;)
@nicomage Hello Nico. Thanks for checking the app out! You certainly can delete the photo by swiping right to left on the photo to bring up the delete/report option. SQL at the moment.