A budgeting tool for busy people - all your data is private

This tool helps you save each day and avoid overspending by keeping track of how much you can spend each day, week and month and still meet your long term goals.
It is very easy to use and a great starting place for people who have never saved before.
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Hey everyone! I was never any good at budgeting or sticking to my goals, but a reddit post by u/Celesmeh changed my life (link: I fell in love with the spreadsheet after understanding how it works, but after some time i noticed i stopped updating it because i thought it was a bit too hard to use Google Sheets while away from a computer. So i made this web app with three goals in mind: - That it met the same goals as u/Celesmeh: easy to use, focuses on a daily budget that supports long term goals, and be a good starting place for people who never saved before - That it works offline and is 100% secure and private - That it gives you freedom to export your data for any other tool you want The tool is 100% free, and here's how it works: When you open the web app, i made an automated 2-minute guide to help you get started. You enter your income, which expenses apply to you, how much you spend in each one of them, and how much you are planning to save, and the tool figures out how much you can spend daily. From then on, it's just a matter of adding your individual purchases! I made it extremely simple so you can enter them with minimal effort. It remembers and suggests your notes and amounts for each category so it is easy to add repeated purchases. The app has 2 charts: - Some progress bars that tell you much you can spend each month, week and day - A pie chart that tells you where your money is going for each category. You can choose the period. Also, it's a progressive web app! This means it works offline and you can add it to your home screen for ease of access. Please try it out and let me know what you guys think!
It looks nice but I honestly wonder how hard it can be to give users the option to change the currency symbol :)
@anna_0x Hi Anna, thanks for the feedback! I just uploaded support for a bunch of currencies, and added the ability to pick one in the settings menu. Can you try it out and let me know if it's working for you? Also, you might have to close all tabs and open again to get the update.
@thenameisflic great idea! I'm constantly looking for better ways to track my expenses and in most cases, I ended up using the old Google Sheet I created (I don't remember how many) years ago. But I feel the pain you mentioned ("it was a bit too hard to use Google Sheets while away from a computer") so you are definitely working on something useful. Keep going!
@feriforgacs Thank you so much! If you have any features in your spreadsheet that the app is lacking, please let me know. Google Sheets integration is my top priority right now (so you can use your custom spreadsheet as a data source for syncing).
@thenameisflic the sheet I use is pretty basic. One column for incomes, one for expenses, some sums, subtractions, and averages. My problem at the moment is that my income is different every month, this way I can't plan my upcoming month, I'm just trying to guess if I'll have enough money to pay the rent πŸ˜… To somehow manage savings and how long those would last would be awesome.
@feriforgacs Haha, I see, I'm also on the same boat. Maybe I could add an option to enter any income the same way you enter purchases, so it would work better for people with variable income. Managing savings is also a great idea, since the tool already figures out when you're overspending daily/weekly/monthly, I can definitely add the option to input how much you have in savings and show some basic predictions based on your current spending. What do you think? Would that work for you? Thanks again!
@thenameisflic for me, that sound just perfect πŸ‘Œ Ping me if you need someone to test the feature :)
@feriforgacs Thank you! I'll ping you next week :)