Evidence-based (CBT), affordable mental health services

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Discovered Joyable through @danprimack's term sheet. Their product looks incredible. Mental health is super important and I believe Joyable is only beginning to scratch the surface on how technology can be helpful . I'm very excited to see the progress Joyable makes. Would love to hear your thoughts @eriktorenberg
@danprimack @andrewjbryk love seeing more products in this space. cc @glenmoriarty1 @khalidhalim
@danprimack @eriktorenberg @andrewjbryk Steve Marks here, co-founder of Joyable. Thanks very much for the nice note. At Joyable, we believe there is finally going to be a major movement toward a better understanding of mental health issues and access to evidence-based help. We are just getting started. We really appreciate your support.
Love this idea -- could absolutely see technology-driven mental health solutions being really big (not to mention massively helpful).
@wtwht Thanks for the nice note :). Love what you are doing with Waldo too!
Looks very cool. Could the founders/anyone give any insight as to how much coaching sessions like this would normally cost, to give the $99/month price some context?
@_jacksmith Thanks for the great question. For those with social anxiety, the main substitute for Joyable today is doing nothing. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 85% of people with social anxiety don't get minimally adequate help. (1) For those who do get help, they generally see a therapist. The average cost of a 45-minute therapist session in the U.S. is $163 per week, according to the Healthcare Bluebook. (2) Joyable costs $99 per month, or $80 per month if you sign up for a three-month plan. That’s $23 per week on our monthly plan or $19 per week on our three-month plan (using a 30-day month). (1) Source: (2) Source: