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Joy is the brand new money app that will change the way you spend and save money to help you find more happiness in your life.

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I just found this app last night and it’s pretty sweet. You can tinder like rate your purchases. Plus, great design from the original guys at Payoff. P.s. I loved the conversational onboarding.
@tony_murphy Tony, thank you!! Our team appreciates the kind words.
@tony_murphy Also appreciate you hunting us! :)
@tony_murphy Thanks for hunting us Tony!
I have Joy installed on my iPhone and it is a beautiful app but there are two reasons I have not committed to using it. When connecting my bank account, there does not appear to be a way to exclude accounts. I have my business and personal accounts at the same bank and don't want Joy pulling in my business transactions. The second reason being the savings part. From the description, it appears that you need to thumbs up each savings recommendation every day that Joy suggests. I opted for using Digit because it automatically saves for me based on what it feels is a safe number. I only need to log into the app every once and a while to see my progress.
@tomsiodlak yeah I feel you on the excluding accounts - should have an option there.
@tomsiodlak Tom, thanks for your comment and feedback! We hear you. You're certainly not the only one who would like a way to exclude certain accounts and it's on our near-term roadmap to make this happen. As far as Joy's Daily Save recommendation, you are correct. Each day, your money coach will give you a recommended amount to save, and you have the ability to say yes or no to save the money with one tap. What we've found is that putting people in the driver's seat to continually make conscious decisions for themselves will have a greater long-term behavioral effect on their finances. Additionally, we believe if you make the (very small) effort to save routinely, you'll be more invested and protective over what you put in your savings because you did the work to get it there, vs one day feeling like you found extra cash to spend because someone else saved your money for you. Hope that gives a little more perspective. Thanks again, Tom! Appreciate your feedback.
@tomsiodlak Great feedback, thanks for taking the time to write this. Like any product we're still fervently working on new stuff, and the two thing you addressed are in our field of view. 😃
Looks interesting. Any plans on launching on Android?
@bmoondesigner Hey Brian, definitely something we want to do and the possibility is easier since the app is built in React Native, but we'd have to more than double our engineering + QA resources to make sure we're shipping a good product. It's probably more than 6 months out ahead in our roadmap.