Get travel inspiration, discover new and exciting countries is a great place to find travel inspiration by discovering new and exciting countries. There's over 200 countries to choose from. Start your adventure today!

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Hey @imakesoft, This is a really cool resource! What countries have been the most researched?
@jacqvon thank you very much! You can see the most accessed countries from the Home page. Belize at least got on that list after being the random country of the day. :) On Home page, the Random country – and of course the Country of the day – change every day.
Cool app! I would use!) When I go to new country, I usually check it's news (wether is it safe now). As a suggestion to you 📰 Also, habits of local people: may I wear shorts there, or long skirt needed. Sometimes it is surprising)
@nel_kamai thanks for your feedback. Good suggestions. I need to research how to do this. Preferably as easily as possible.
Does it not get annoying to know that every time you tell someone your domain - EVERY. TIME. - you’re going to need explain the mad spelling?
@mickc79 not really. Only tough thing is when people ask how to pronounce it. 😅

Awesome idea!


Looks great and pictures selection is cool!


Brief information about countries (I would like to found out more)

Thanks for your feedback. I have lots of plans how to improve the content. For example integrate to Wikipedia and Triposo to get more content.