Organize your job search by tracking all your prospects πŸ’Ό

Looking for a job sucks. For just $5.99 per month, Joustlist Premium eases your stress by keeping all your prospects organized in one place, helps you compile data that means the most to you, and reminds you to follow up on your job prospects.

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Joustlist was John's idea, but it clicked instantly when he explained it. We've had different job search experiences in the past, but one thing was universal- they're stressful, thankless, and sometimes legitimately demeaning. With Joustlist, we're putting the job seeker first, something not many others have done yet. Recruiters and hiring managers have SaaS tools and AI, so the job seeker deserves to as well. We go beyond organization by sending reminders to follow up, weekly activity summaries, and job searching tips. We have plans for a lot more, too, all in service of our goal to help everyone land a job.

Great idea and very easy to use!


Very easy to use!



Thank you, @kalvin_johnson ! We appreciate all your kind words and your support.
Joustlist is the LinkedIn organization tool that LinkedIn forgot to create. Well thought out model that makes keeping track of potential opportunities easy. It is very simple to use and the reminders are perfect. Highly recommend if job seeking via LinkedIn.
@nick_russ Awesome! Thank you so much!
Thank you, @nick_russ ! Love hearing how simplicity can help with the job search.

Joustlist really does what it says it does. It makes the job search process much easier and does the organization for you. Very cool idea and simple to use.


User friendly and takes a lot of the work off users plate.



Thank you!
Thanks @nick_herrera ! You da man.
Great product and made it very easy to organize my job search.
@aaron_shindler So great to hear. Thanks!
@aaron_shindler thank you! Love hearing how organization helps ease the stress of a job search.