Teach yourself consistency by writing one sentence per day

Journmail is a small journal application that tries to improve your consistency by reminding you to post one sentence per day.

It sends you an email reminder at 6PM your time to remind you to post your daily sentence and you post it by replying to that email.

It keeps track of your streaks and comes with the UI for history of your messages.

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Aww you guys are sweet! so much love from me.. thank you for making it free for phers
@ajoke_emekene thanks for the kind words, Ajoke! 🙌 Let us know what you think after using it for some time.
I'm intrigued! Will give my feedback after a few days. :)
@alexandra_martel Please do. Interested to know what you think about it.
I like this. HOWEVER, the "6pm your time" doesn't work. I'm getting my reminder emails at 11am my time.
@idahole_dot_com I had an issue with timezone detection that is fixed now. All old users have a default timezone for that reason. If you give me your email I can update it to your timezone.
@shimetweets Thank you, I emailed you at
I've been writing every day on Medium. It frickin sucks. What benefit do you see for someone only writing one sentence a day? Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr we think it teaches you consistency. There is also an idea that it makes you happier and that idea is explored more by author Gretchen Rubin - you can read more about it here:
Just signed up. Excited as well! Can the 6 pm time be changed? That is Mom “go time,” when I pick up my daughter after work ... and it’s much more doable during the mornings :)