Audio journaling. Encrypted, easy-to-share voice recordings.

Tap to record your audio journals on the go, organize your timeline with tags/notes, and easily for your recordings in the future. All the voice notes are encrypted and you decide if you want to share them via text, email, etc. Transcripts coming soon.
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Hi all! Please meet Journify - a fun way of recording your life's journey, powered by your own voice. We have been talking about journaling for a long time, but many of us have quit after a few attempts because it’s hard to find the time. Recording our life updates on our smartphones is a much easier and intuitive experience. We’ve been sending each other voice notes for a while now, so now we get to keep a record of our memories. I love seeing entrepreneurs, creatives, writers, coaches, students and engineers finding different use cases for the Journify app! Journaling has been clinically linked with reducing tension, anxiety, and depression, and boosting mindfulness and creativity. It's also been associated with a stronger immune system, higher IQ, and a better ability to discern priorities. I fell in love with audio journaling because I was able to quickly turn it into a habit. My Journify timeline now has the story of my journey as an entrepreneur (real talk). We just launched and would love to get your thoughts. Also, please let us know what are the features you would like to see next. Thank you!
Download transcripts as a text file
Add photos/attachments to the audio timeline
Ability to publish some audio updates to a public feed
Ability to create private groups to share the voice notes with
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July 7th 2020. Dear diary, I don't need you anymore. I found Journify. As an additional bonus, people can stop looking at me weird for speaking to my notebook. I mean what's better than audio for journaling? Do you kid yourself that you'll get a tricked out quill and spend hours scribbling away into the night like you're Hermoine or Ned Stark or something? Come on people. The writing isn't just on the wall - it's in an audio file. Seriously, you can keep lying to yourself that you'll write everyday, or you can get Journify.
Feature request, transcribe my audio journal notes and then have an AI read them back to me as Patrick Stewart's Capt Picard
@matt_r_o_connor haha we promised to be customer centric, so you'll be the first one to know when this becomes available. Honestly, I hate my voice so I would also love to get a different one to read me my journals.🤳🏻
Love this product! I used to love journaling in a notebook but have seriously bad carpal tunnel in both wrists. Journify lets me continue to journal without any pain!!
@brooke_a There you go! You also don't need to carry the notebooks around (they can get a bit heavy over time) but still use them occasionally if you don't want to completely transition.
Feature request, transcribe my audio journal notes and then have an AI read them back to me as Patrick Stewart's Capt Picard. "Captain's Log..."
Very nice idea! Have tried to write diaries a number of times and can't stick with it. Hopefully talking is easier :)
@bernie_klein I had the same experience. Let me know in a few days if you were able to get into it please :)