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Great to be on producthunt. I personally invite you to check out the biggest update in the history of journi and probably also one of the biggest changes to travel blogging/journaling. You can now, more than ever enjoy traveling while at the same time making your travels unforgettable. Capture, Share, Relive and now also Explore! Have fun, doing what you love! Looking forward to your feedback. #lifeisajourni
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Kudos for the great UI/UX. You currently allow users to search for trips by places. Do you plan to allow search for tags or titles, etc. too?
@fdorfbauer Cheers. Yes, currently the search is limited to places and users, but we will continue to optimize it including also the possibility to search for trip titles or parts of those strings. Haven't yet thought about using tags, I guess you mean something similar as we know it from pinterest? Might something really interesting, that we'll look at in more detail.
Great app, amazing design! Just downloaded it. Could actually be used for many use cases beyond travel.
@aimario Thanks. Well you are right. Actually we already see some users who use it for different scenarios. E.g. mothers or families keeping a journal about their kids, craftsmen documenting their projects and we see especially the group journaling feature be used very often for weddings or similar events. At the moment we'll further concentrate on the biggest use case, which is travel. But for the future we are open to enter also other market segments.
Love it! Have you guys ever thought of partnering with airbnb? Would be great to explore the stories of other airbnb guests. Could be a great fit.
@mahringer_a Thanks <3 Totally understand what you mean. We would actually love to work with @airbnb. Fun fact, they were one of the first to invite us to their HQ when we launched in SF. Hope to chat with them again these days.
Great app & design! :) How big is your team and where are you based?
@tomas_ondrejka Thanks! At the moment we are 7 people, based in Vienna.