Journi 4.0

Mobile story telling for travelers made simple

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Hi Everyone, Andreas from Journi here. Very excited to be out of beta and share journi 4.0 with you. We launched Journi to help travelers enjoy travel blogging again. Journi comes from our personal experience as travelers. I simply love traveling, but I also want to keep my memories and share them with friends without writing a blog. That's why we developed journi, a mobile story telling app optimized for travelers. It makes your trips unforgettable creating a beautiful travel blog, keeps friends automatically update and works perfectly offline. Users may record their trips also together with two or more accounts, because traveling is better together. Journi simply makes travel blogging effortless, beautiful & fun. And it's free. We're looking forward to your thoughts, feedback and questions. Me and my co-founders will be on Product Hunt all day to answer any questions. Thank you Product Hunters!!!
The space to figure out what a modern version of travel guides like 'Daily Planet' et al will look and feel like is super competitive. Journi 4.0 is a refreshing take by fusing some concepts from Instagram, Facebook, diaries and traditional print travel guides. Tough nut to crack :)
Targeting the travel or (digital) nomad space is definitely an interesting idea. How do you plan to grow within this area?
@3x14159265 thanks for the question david. here are the most important growth engines: - People love both experiencing moments together and sharing moments with friends. The invite and referral possibilities in journi, have been the best, free, marketing tools so far, leading to thousands of new users (ie. every new user brings at least another user). - With every new piece of public content our SEO power grows from day to day. - App & Play Store Optimization is also crucial.
@aroettl @3x14159265 I'm interested to know more about the referral system, are referrals rewarded with anything?
Looks great. I am unable to find anything else in this space. When will you be launching an iOS app?
@anant_garg thanks for your question. iOS app is already available. Launched with an older version:
I like how you think about traveling is better together. Totally agree 😄 Do you have features to plan a trip together and assist me in the process? I traveled a lot and while I often go with the flow when traveling together preparation helps to improve the experience for everyone.
@nikgraf absolutely get your point. while this is also a valid pain point we will stay focused on making trips unforgettable. Therefore we plan e.g. to export your trip data to iCloud/dropbox or even order a real photo book.
@aroettl @nikgraf I've been waiting and would love an export feature! I've been using Journi for over a year now and love it.