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Taylor Martinez
Taylor MartinezMaker@tmag1c · CEO- Journey - A positive social network
Journey - A positive social network is my most recent app that I have created and launched on June 6, 2015. I got inspired to develop Journey from Jack Hoffman a 9 year old child from Atkinson, Nebraska who has battled pediatric brain cancer for most of his young life. I met Jack and his family when I was playing football for the University of Nebraska. In 2013 Jack Hoffman was asked by the coaching staff if he would like to fill a dream of his by scoring a touchdown for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. Jack said yes, and he would soon suit up in a football uniform for a Spring football scrimmage being televised with 65,000 fans watching in the stadium, which would all erupt and be cheering on their feet as Jack would take my handoff and run for a 69 yard touchdown. After being a part of one of the most inspirational moments ever in sports with Jack Hoffman and seeing how this young child's strength, courage and innocence could make such a positive impact to millions of lives worldwide, opened my eyes to where my priorities should be. My partner Loren Hall who became just as inspired as I was after this great moment in sports felt just as compelled as myself to find a way to continue to touch lives to those with similar and other challenges such as Jack's. The way that we discovered to continue to touch as many lives as possible was through our app that we created called "Journey" which offers an online community for the more than one billion challenged individuals and their supporters worldwide. Journey offers a platform for this massive audience to share their stories, educate others and be educated daily or as needed which will help inspire, guide, support and assist these members as they now have a social network that allows for such an opportunity.
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