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Hello Product Hunt! We just launched Journaly for the iPhone. We built Journaly with the aim of being the most customisable and automatic journaling app. We let users add flexible fields like 'How much coffee did I drink today' or 'How did I feel after meditating'... Also, we built-in auto journaling if the user forgets to journal. Journaly automatically journals the place, weather, activities, sleep, travel and even a photo. It comes with sync to the Mac app. Looking forward to the feedback. For more: Video:
Liked the mac version.. Will give a shot to iphone version as well. BTW what main difference do you think sets "Journaly" apart from other journal apps? 😼
@kkkosariya hi Kamal! Thanks. There are two major differentiators: the app is completely flexible to customise, you can add fields according to your preference. Second, if you forget to journal, Journaly can auto-journal for you with photos, sleep, activity, places and weather. Journaly is somewhat a combination of active & passive lifelogging.
Here is a summary announcement on our blog:
Journal your notes, photos, sleep, activity, places, weather, mood and anything else that matters to you. Sync between Journaly on Mac & iOS.
Great product. Btw Is there any discount for product hunters for this app?
@neetusingh1791 we have a 30% off running currently :)