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Update: Journaly is now available for iOS, Android & MacOS with a cloud sync available.. Hello Product Hunt! I have been journaling various things like my mood and calories since the past few months. An unorganised notes app is generally the solution since Journaling apps lack the flexibility. We created Journaly so that users could add self-survey questions, for example ‘How many cups of coffee did I drink today’, ‘What was my mood like’ or ‘Things I ate today’. This allows users to journal immeasurable things like habits and personal interactions. We are trying to improve active self-tracking with Journaly. Looking forward for your feedback. (We have an introductory 25% off) Update! We are featured on the Mac App Store 🙌 Also available on for the iPhone on the App Store:
@shashwatpradhan Hey Shashwat, the app definitely looks really good on the site. However, have you thought about a freemium type model? Or at least a free trial? Dropping 15 dollars on something I haven't even tried and know I like is a hard proposition for me. A 2 week free trial would be a world of difference in terms of easing into the product and getting comfortable spending money!
@scawtent we are figuring that part out. Currently I tell users to get it, then refund on it if they are not satisfied. (Trial software has lots of piracy to be handled)
@shashwatpradhan Understood! Looks like while thinking about it it rose to 20 dollars in the app store :')
@scawtent the app will be finally $25 after our next major update. You can get it before that 😄
@shashwatpradhan haha true. But dropping $20 bucks on unseen software isn't something I'm comfortable with. Particularly because someone else here mentioned that it was more like a .05 release than a 1.0. Sorry, and best of luck with the ongoing development!
Seems like a lot of work to replicate the journal app DayOne. What do you see as the primary differences?
@dseemakurty hi Dinesh, that's definitely not what we are aiming for. We created Journaly to offer flexibility to users. We let users add there custom self-survey questions for example ‘How many cups of coffee did I drink today’, ‘What was my mood like’ or ‘Things I ate today’. Being a Quantified Self enthusiast myself, I find it useful to log my mood and food everyday. You can also export your data/back it up on iCloud with Journaly.
@shashwatpradhan @dseemakurty Although I use DayOne myself, as @kkkosariya says below - it would be useful to track and integrate Reporter App-like data. It seems like the main difference between DayOne and Journaly is that Journaly has a sidebar for emoji's and lists, no?
@adrianherritt @dseemakurty @kkkosariya it already does that, you can add custom self-surveys. We also let users export their data file & backup to iCloud.
So is it like my personal diary? How is the self-tracking like?
@harshrajat yes it is a journal with customisable fields which you can add based on what you want to track- mood, health, food, moments, etc
@shashwatpradhan @harshrajat It's nice that you have some customizable fields, but 10 is a pretty small number to offer. It's also surprising that you don't offer any field types other than "very short snippet of text, and we don't wrap the line so it had really better be quite short." It's very pretty, but seems much more like an 0.5 than a 1.0 version. I look forward to see how it grows!
@kaizendad hi Wade, how many fields would you like? Also, what field types would you like?
@shashwatpradhan I'd kind of like unlimited fields. I wouldn't use very many, but I'm not sure I want a hard limit (although I can see the benefit of having one). Field types would be: * Drop-down, like the smileys you have, but for other things that I establish * Free-text at length, so I can have a prompt like "What did you do before lunch today?"
@kaizendad we've kept 10 for now
Here is the story behind why we built Journaly:
looks promising. But will be more cool if it can track some things automatically from my phone & mac & add it in my day's journal.
@kkkosariya hi Kamal, we are already automatically tracking weather & places. We are working on an iOS version which will integrate some of Instant's automatic tracking features. We will also have a sync between the iOS and Mac version.
@shashwatpradhan @kkkosariya can't wait for the iOS version.