Become mindful about what's happening in your life and log your daily agenda in short 3-5 bullet entries. Packs some slick features like dream attachments, gems aka. wisdom (thoughts, quotes, facts) and idea collection. It's PWA ready, start journaling...
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11 Reviews4.5/5
Nice little app, very clean layout, and some interesting features (but they don’t seem fully developed though, at least not on mobile). Has some bugs (when highlighting an entry the bullet only changes to the heart if you go to another page and come back). Fix this and some Ux issues, keep up the work and it can become a favorite 😊
@in_visivel we are working on the bugs, but it is great to hear that people like it :) Thanks so much for checking it out!
I can't signup, the "Create journal" does not seem to work.
@ronmasas Hey Ron, have you filled all the fields and checked the 'I accept the terms and privacy policy' box? If the button is gray and not black you are missing some input.
@journalisticapp yes I did, I've reloaded the page and it seems to work now, thanks!
@ronmasas Great, enjoy the app!
I really really liked the design and feel of this app when I first saw it earlier this week. However, I had problems to signup and most of the links seemed to be broken (still now), maybe it is because I'm using Firefox? Keep it up!
@mezood thanks for your nice words about the design Joan! The app is still in beta phase, but we are working on the issues. The app works currently best installed as PWA, when you open it with Chrome and then save it to the home screen. We'll also deploy it to the PlayStore soon for easier installation.
@mezood @journalisticapp PWA also work with Firefox for Android and can be added to the homescreen normally 👌🏻
@mezood @journalisticapp @anna_0x Great! Thanks Anna for checking it out!
FYI we had an issue reaching our daily email limit on SendGrid due to an unexpected amount of signups and confirmation emails were not sent out. But the issue is fixed now and signups work again!
THIS! This is EXACTLY the kind of journal I was waiting for!! Tags, people, dreams, ideas... all together, all organized. Easy and quick to write new entries. Minimal look, PWA that looks and works great on mobile... Almost too good to be true 😍 Current issues (to be expected as this is a beta): • tags and people (# and @) aren't immediately "formatted" after pressing enter/creating a new line, you have to refresh the page for the app to understand they are tags and not plain text... • can't change username and email of account (you can delete it though) • no way to export any data (so there's the fear that if the app goes away, my entries will be lost with it.. which doesn't make any user feel very secure about using a new product! I'm pretty sure export in plain text and/or CSV would be possible and also much appreciated!) • clicking on a tag or person right after they are created for the first time doesn't load any entries but just loads indefinitely. Refreshing the app fixes it. That's all for now. Gotta say, I am SUPER impressed and super happy to have found this because it looks exactly like the sort of journal I wanted. Couldn't have thought of any way to make it better (other than fixing the issues above of course)! ❤️
@anna_0x Wow Anna, thanks so much for your words, I think as a maker you could hardly wish for any better feedback! Export is already on the TODO list and bug fixing obviously as well ;) Do you think .txt and .csv would be sufficient as export formats and if yes, which one would you want first?
@toniengelhardt you're very welcome! TXT should come first in my opinion, since we tend to read our journal entries like a book, we don't usually analyse them in spreadsheets (but CSV would be useful if you want to make changes, delete entries from certain days etc.) PDF and ePub would be awesome to have as options but they're definitely not necessary!
@anna_0x thanks for the feedback! I think we'll eventually support all of the formats you mentioned maybe with exception of ePub. We were also thinking about printed, high-quality books that contain all entries of a year, but that is a bit further down the road.
@toniengelhardt sounds interesting! Would be a unique purchase for sure