Hello, I like to present you Journal 29: Interactive Book Game Journal 29: Interactive Book Game is a unique new way to play and interact with a book. In Journal 29 players solve riddles and puzzles, submit the answers online to get the keys to move forward. To solve the riddles and puzzles, players need to think out of the box, write down, draw, search or fold pages in order to solve those riddles right. Journal 29 is a 148 pages’ book providing 63 riddles. The Idea The need to create a book game that combines the fun of solving riddles and puzzles with the experience of interacting with a real book. The way the book is structured provides confidence that the answers are correct before moving forward. The player cannot cheat or skip pages due to the requirement of submitting the answers online to get the keys for the next pages. The Story A top-secret excavation did not bring any result for 28 weeks. It was only on the 29th week that something unexpected happened. The team disappeared and the only thing left behind was their Journal. Solve the riddles to solve the mystery. How to Play You will need: • A copy of Journal 29 • Pen or Pencil (pencil recommended) • An internet connected device (preferably a smartphone) Every two pages of Journal 29 have two elements: The riddle page and the key page. Step 1: Solve the riddle on the riddle page. Step 2: Visit the URL from the key page (you can type the URL on your browser or scan the unique QR code available on the page). Step 3: Submit the answer of the riddle. If the answer is correct, you receive a key which is usually a word or a number. Step 4: Write down the key. These keys are needed for solving the next riddles. You don’t need any special app to play the game. Just a browser will do (preferably on your smartphone). Journal 29: Interactive Book Game is available at and all major bookstores.
@vortalifer Hi, did you consider integrating the book with the app? I know you want people to interact with a real book but personally I like to read when I travel somewhere and I don't really enjoy carrying books around. Also you should consider making the app work offline as well because you are forcing the user to be connected while reading which I feel slightly defeats the purpose.
@martin_zlocha Hi, Thank you for your comment. This is a different kind of game. You can't play it without the book. You must write, draw, fold, search and more :) ( Also you don't need an app just a browser)
@vortalifer Thanks for the answer :) Ok I get it now. But does the app work without an internet connection thats my question :)
@martin_zlocha No there is no app. Is just a url for example
@vortalifer Ahhh sorry just realized I made an assumption when I saw the phone with the logo. My bad.
Cool! Though I wish there was an app so i could play this game!