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Meet Joule, Your Next Kitchen Essential.

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Hey! I'm Kevin and I work at ChefSteps - happy to answer any questions you have. I'm in a room full of folks excited to hear your feedback :)
@kgdavis My biggest concern about sous vide is cooking in plastic. I don't have any scientific papers to back it up, but I heard heating plastic can leach... bad things? Do you have a meat response to that?
@joshdance We recognize that cooking food in plastic is concerning to some people. We believe the risk involved in cooking food at low temperatures in high-quality plastic bags is extremely small. We made this page that gives a pretty thorough run-down on how we think about this: Let me know if this helps alleviate your concerns! Happy to answer any follow-up questions
@kgdavis Yesterday I'd never heard of sous-vide, now I'm fascinated. Looking forward to trying my first sous-vide cooked dish.
@_jamesmundy You've likely already had one! Sous vide is really popular at restaurants
Congrats on launching! We currently have a Sansaire Sous Vide, what's different about Joule ... make me upgrade! :)
@loungeflyz Great to hear from someone who’s already cooking sous-vide! We love sous vide food, but along the way it became clear that the kind of sous vide experience our community members wanted simply wasn’t available. We dreamed of something more elegant and more powerful but also quieter and more efficient. So small it could fit in your top drawer but so beautiful you’d want to show it off. So we built it.
Congrats ! Ordering.