Split expenses using only email, for free

Split expenses using email, for free.

Jottr is an expense splitting app which runs purely on email, by using specific subject lines.

For more info, email with subject as 'help'

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The idea came in when we friends went on an impromptu trip to an amusement park. Someone or the other was paying for either food, taxi or extra tickets etc. The trip was fun. However when the time came to tally the expenses. It was a pain. Yes! There are numerous apps for that. I yearned for something simple, something basic. So I built Jottr. Just jot down the expenses as it happens. It keeps splitting the expenses accordingly. Do give it a spin. Love, Shree
Great job!! 😊 Excited to see this made on an email. Helps in less installation of apps. This can be useful for all big and small projects of the company’s
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Your kind words means a lot. 😃