Real-time collaboration in Markdown

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Hello Hunters, I would like to show you a third product I created this year with my brother. Do you remember Hackpad? Jottings is something similar but for Markdown. Our key feature is group text editing by multiple users in real-time. We are launching this as an open beta which means you can experience bugs but the app is free to use. There are plenty of things we plan to add in the future like native desktop and mobile apps, a more advanced text editor with file attachments and syncing with external services like Google Docs. We're looking for feedback!
@_bkzl Would love for you to implement Fountain support ( - there are so few collaborative screenwriting apps and this looks like it could be a solid candidate.
@dathowitzer @_bkzl Thank you for your comment. I didn't know that markup language. We have to take a look at it. What functions would you like to have if you consider changing your collaborative screenwriting tool?
Cool demo GIF animation on the home page ๐Ÿ˜‡
Interesting start. I'm looking for a tool that can edit stuff collaboratively like this, though this is obviously quite early on. A few ideas I'd suggest that would be helpful: - Key commands. A bunch of us rely on Markdown but strongly prefer being able to do so with set key commands (mostly for links, headers, and bold/ital) - A way to add notes to the content as part of the editing process - Content export in multiple formats, like Hackpad had, including potential integration with CMSes - Notifications of some kind, so an editor could tell you they're "done" with a doc. Either way, good start, guys. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. There hasn't been much movement in the collaborative editing space of late so it's nice to see a new entrant.
@shortformernie Thanks for a fantastic comment with a bunch of great ideas. - Key commands. Would you like to have a keyboard shortcuts or icons which you can click on? - A way to add notes to the content as part of the editing process; this is on our roadmap - Content export in multiple formats, great idea. We will consider it. - Notifications are on our todo list.