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Jotterpad seems super simple to use with a lot of necessary features for on-the-go. The colors are beautiful. I do wish the typeface used was a bit better for readability, but that's the designer in me being picky haha. As someone building a platform for writers, I love seeing brand new writing apps pop up and knowing there's such a wide selection out there for those using our platform. So I'm looking forward to seeing where Jotterpad goes.
Hi all, one of the makers here! Feel free to post any questions or suggestions. We are more than happy to answer. :D
What's the iOS ETA? :D
@urbnist Hi Lucas, I am the developer of JotterPad. We currently do not have ETA on iOS. But you can follow us via our Google+ page to check for the latest announcements. :)
The screenshots seem to suggest that this app will be usable as tablet/smartphone app on which the user would be expected to type. I don't know about others, but I don't particularly like writing long-form on devices without an attachable keyboard. And if I'm using a physical keyboard, then I'd rather have this as a desktop or web app. What's the reasoning behind this being a mobile app? Has anyone had a good experience writing long-form on mobile devices?
@alirtariq Hi Ali, I am the developer of JotterPad. We started JotterPad HD (legacy) 3 years ago on Android Honeycomb tablet. We shifted over to smartphones and 7" tablets subsequently. JotterPad works very well with physical keyboards and 7" tablets. We understand that it can be very frustrating to type on smartphones. That is why JotterPad has a built in extended keyboard for Markdown shortcuts, forward and backward cursor and etc. :)