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I'm in love with this product. Simplicity, design, mobile friendly, and the notes disappear after 30 days.
@torbahax Is there any way to save a note from disappearing after 30 days if you still need it for some reason?
@_ryangilbert From my understanding notes only disappear after 30 days of inactivity. So as long as you look at it once every 30 days (or someone does) it won't disappear.
Hey @torbahax, Thanks so much for sharing Jott with this wonderful community. I'm really glad that you like the simplicity because I built Jott to be just that. It was originally thought up during my studies because I found that there was no easy way for me to share resources with my peers. Every service I tried to use forced me to sign up just to create a simple note, then when I wanted to share that with anyone they too had to sign up. I would have to add the recipients to a list in order for them to see the note or share a really ugly URL. Not ideal. So I set out to build a tool that I could use to help me study more effectively and then it progressed slowly into the tool I now call Jott. I like to think that it has the essence of a post-it note because all I wanted it to do was store information for a finite time and then, when it is no longer required, the information can be discarded, to save space, similar to what we do on our desks at home. This is where the feature that causes notes to disappear after 30 days of inactivity came from. I really hope that other like my work and find it as useful as I do! :)
@tjmrees And here's your comment in a Jott. :D #meta
@_ryangilbert @torbahax Yes that's exactly right guys :) The notes delete after 30 days of inactivity, so as long as someone is finding your note useful it will remain alive
I like the concept but I find it very frustrating that my note wouldn't save cause the title was taken. I don't even usually have a title. You could simplify and have the first line of the note be the title unless the user manually adds it. And give me a default url that always saves unless I want a vanity one.
@kidbombay When I originally developed the tool I actually did use the first line of a note to create a URL, however I found it very tedious to try and remember the long note address. I then added a simple field to let me choose my own address but shortly after this I discovered that I'd produce a note with a short but often irrelevant name, causing me to skim read a note to determine what it was about when loaded. It's because of this I decided to add the combined title and URL field. It allowed me to quickly understand my notes at a glance as well as provide an easy to remember note address. I knew when I set out to make Jott that I did not want generated URLs because this is what had frustrated me in the past when using other services. However you make an interesting point about actually saving the note. Perhaps I could ensure that a note is saved temporarily until an appropriate address is chosen, thus reducing the risk of lost work. I really appreciate your feedback Ketan and I hope that you can understand my reasoning for the current process used to generate a note address. Thanks for checking out Jott :)