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The best thing about Jotengine is it saves me time. We do a lot of interviews with scientists for our scientist stories series ( Because of Jotengine I can do a 15 minute phone interview, immediately upload the audio file, go to lunch, and come back with a complete transcript. It is magic. The accuracy is also 💯. After we get a transcript back, it usually takes another 30 minutes to fix areas where audio as unclear and edit for clarity before publication. For a 15 minute interview from recording to publication on our blog, it take approximately 2 hours of human time. You can't create great content online much faster than that.
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Thanks for the hunt @vu0tran! Hey all! I'm a co-founder at Jotengine. My co-founder @skandermz and I built Jotengine to make our conversations more productive. Remembering things is hard, and taking notes is no fun. Anyone who's sat down and transcribed a file knows how time consuming it can be. We found existing options out there slow, expensive, and counterintuitive to use. That's why we built Jotengine, a faster, simpler transcription service with productivity in mind. Most transcripts, human or machine, are rarely perfect. Lots of services advertise 98% accuracy, but it's the last 2% that wastes your time. The transcript editor lets you quickly listen, search, and edit audio so you can get back to doing your real work faster. Happy to answer any questions!
@paulcretu @skandermz do you plan to support other languages?
@cindywu @skandermz Definitely! In fact we built our system with that in mind. We're both multi-lingual so we know from first hand experience that there aren't many good non-English transcription options out there.
Using it for The Startup Chat podcast with Steli & Hiten. The $1.50 option is awesome. Tried plenty of other services in the past and this is by far the best. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
@ramin Thanks Ramin, that means a lot! Please don't hesitate to let us know what we can improve.
Beyond the quick turn-around and high quality, I always thought this product stood out because of their transcript viewer. It makes it way easier to find something which was said and jump back to it.
This is a great service you have built here, I know the pain of transcribing interviews very well.. Also, great price point! Best of luck!
@gustavlrsn Thanks Gustav! No kidding - we actually did it by hand when we started out. It took us 8 hours for every 1 hour of audio. We actually initially built a free DIY transcription tool to make it go faster: Hopefully we can save you time in the future!