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Cindy Wu
@cindywu · Co-founder at Experiment
The best thing about Jotengine is it saves me time. We do a lot of interviews with scientists for our scientist stories series (https://medium.com/this-is-an-ex...). Because of Jotengine I can do a 15 minute phone interview, immediately upload the audio file, go to lunch, and come back with a complete transcript. It is magic. The accuracy is also 💯. After w… See more
Paul Cretu
@paulcretu · co-founder @ jotengine
Thanks for the hunt @vu0tran! Hey all! I'm a co-founder at Jotengine. My co-founder @skandermz and I built Jotengine to make our conversations more productive. Remembering things is hard, and taking notes is no fun. Anyone who's sat down and transcribed a file knows how time consuming it can be. We found existing options out there slow, expensive, and count… See more
@ramin · marketing, Close.io
Using it for The Startup Chat podcast with Steli & Hiten. The $1.50 option is awesome. Tried plenty of other services in the past and this is by far the best. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tyler Menezes
Beyond the quick turn-around and high quality, I always thought this product stood out because of their transcript viewer. It makes it way easier to find something which was said and jump back to it.
Gustav Larsson
@gustavlrsn · Full-stack dev @pairhub @tryfreewrite
This is a great service you have built here, I know the pain of transcribing interviews very well.. Also, great price point! Best of luck!