A Markdown editor with built-in productivity functions

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@shortformernie Thanks for sharing Jotdown Ernie. I should point out that Jotdown is more of a note taking app rather than an editor and it saves using Core Data rather than saving to files. Jotdown is still in early development and there is a lot more to be added. You can keep a lookout for improved markdown support, time based estimates, and general UI/UX improvements to make the app more productive and easier to use.
Hey all, this is a pretty rad little Markdown editor that adds some basic productivity tool functionality to the mix, including the ability to make to-do lists and do some basic math calculations—things that note tools often get used for but are often not very good at handling on their own. It also has some pretty in-depth keyboard functionality, explained here:
@flowartic looks really cool. Any plans for an iOS app? I assume the files will work well w/Editorial or Byword?
@lukechrisinger Hi Luke. Yes, there are plans for supporting iOS and possibly other platforms. Jotdown saves automatically to Core Data rather than files so it's more like the apple notes app than an actual editor. Eventually there should be some import/export features for files but that's not the main focus currently. Sorry for the confusion I should have pointed that out earlier.
Loved that it has right-to-left writing support, but when i try to write in arabic the programs doesn't write anything.
Site is dead....Looks like this one's a goner