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Eco-friendly sunglasses with lifetime guarantee 🌿♻️ 👓☀️😎

The morning jog on the beach has just become more eco-friendly. The new Wayfarer sunglasses by Joplins, are made from lightweight and floatable bamboo fibers. They are nearing their production date on Indiegogo, and everyone is invited to share and join in this initiative to spread positive vibes all around. Super light and strong, for life.

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    Lightweight, sustainable and cool design! Love them!


    Can't really think of a pro. It's not more fragile than plastic (even better resistance)

    I'm amazed by this product from the very beginning. They are not like the ordinary plastic stuff sunglasses, but made out of bamboo which gives the glasses a new level of high quality. The polarization is great! Also, being a victim of drowned expensive sunglasses, I really like the fact that they float :)

    Stephan Sax has used this product for one year.
These sunglasses should quickly make RayBans come out of fashion: the only Wayfarers we should all be wearing, Joplins’ handmade sunnies from Bamboo. The Wayfarers by Joplins are so light and soft and in truth, once you eliminate common household products (like the chemicals in your cosmetics or the plastic in your shades) from your lifestyle regime, with time you become completely intolerant to them. Wearing the fastest growing plant on the planet on our faces should be an up and foremost trend this SS18. Thank you Joplins for your sustainable business and design. Keep up the great work!
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@emflancaster lot's of Kudos to you. Super happy that you share our values and believe in our product. I could not have said it better.
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Hello Everyone, my name is Bernardo and I am working on this project together with Rafael. Plastic has been around for the last 70 to 60 years, but only 9% ended up being recycled. Most of it is in landfills and will take centuries to disappear. And that was the reason we could not simply make another set of plastic sunglasses. We want to create a movement of eco-friendly sunglasses in this huge industry! WE ARE ON A MISSION TO KICK PLASTIC IN THE BUTT! So, what are these new sunglasses? We could not simply make another set of sunglasses, we had to exceed all others in some way. Being made of bamboo, these Wayfarers sunglasses have extra lightweight properties. They are even lighter than its plastic and regular acetate competitors making it extra comfortable on the face. They are so light that they even float on the water – you won’t be afraid to lose them when you go for a swim. Another incredible feature is the extra resistant lenses, super polarized lenses that include 9 layers of protection including the highest UV protection (400 UV), anti scratch, polarizing core, and shock absorvers. BUT WE WENT FURTHER... At Joplins, we decided to put our skin on the game by providing 100% lifetime warranty on all sunglasses and will replace any pair of glasses with defects caused by materials and workmanship. Ecological greetings for everyone, Bernardo
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Problem with wooden glass is breakage. I have broken couple of pairs. Have you assessed your average sunglasses life ?
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Hi @haseeb, thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear you've had that experience. I agree that wood or bamboo can break, but also acetate can break and polycarbonate can bend or get deformed. It all depends on the care that you take with your sunglasses, sunglasses are an accessory that should be always taken good care, especially because of the lenses. Regarding breakage, I'd say it is almost the same. The Joplins just have more advantages, including being very lightweight on the face, to float on the water, double flexed hinges and being ecological.
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The entire Joplins collection is just outstanding - love the whole brand philosophy and the commitment to make beautifully designed, high quality sunglasses out of bamboo. As consumers, it's high time we start shifting our consumption patterns and start making choices that do impact the world for the better. We should start choosing mindfully the products we bring into our lives, how and where are they made, by who, out of what, and so forth. I've had the amazing opportunity to come across Joplins here in Lisbon and meet the founder, Rafael - I was truly impressed to learn about the eco-friendly production behind, but also, about the vision of the company. For me, what sets Joplins apart is the fact that they blend design, ethics and quality exceptionally well. The collection encompasses several iconic sunglasses models, like the Wayfarer, but there are numerous other cool options to explore; I'd rather choose something different that stands out! Highly recommend them :)
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Alo @patricia_imbarus, that's just beautiful. It is people like you that makes us go forward. We really believe in doing things better and that is the best endorsement a company like us could ever receive. More than selling glasses we are happy to see you share the same values as we do. Because we only have one planet <3
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I really like the design as well as idea for this. Good work guys! Do you plan to launch it globally? I'm from India, and would love to partner with you guys if you ever plan to launch via offline retail :-)
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Hello @irhythmgupta, thank you so much for your positive feedback. Yes, our launch is global. You can order yours now to be delivered in India. We are open to working together with you. Ping us here:
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