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Elad Shmilovich
Elad ShmilovichMaker@elad_shmilo · Co-Founder & CMO at
Get rid of your unconscious bias! Joonko is an AI diversity and inclusion coach for companies, which can identify and solve unconscious bias in real-time. Joonko does so by analyzing the decisions, actions, and events happening in the organization in real-time. When needed, Joonko immediately engages with executives, managers, and employees, with insights and recommendations - so they can make real-time corrective actions. We just launched Joonko for personal use, to allow managers who care about diversity to take the matter into their hands, in addition to their companies' existing efforts. This new version provides sales managers and directors (using Salesforce) a way to achieve better results from their teams - by having a more diverse and inclusive workplace. #AI4DnI #DiversityInSales #DiversityInTech
Vladimir Cezar
Vladimir Cezar@vladimircezar
In a time where you hear more people saying how AI will impact our jobs negatively it is like a breath of fresh air that companies like Joonko are using very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to improve companies and impact peoples lives in a positive, healthy and equalitarian way. Way to go!
Michael Cohn
Michael Cohn@cohnhead
Great team, important product, massive market. Glad to see today's launch!
Hey Elad, great product! Just a heads up, in Safari and Chrome, the "Joonko for Personal Use" button in the main CTA (not the header, the one in the middle of the screen) seems not to work. The button in the header does lead to /personal-use. Hope it helps!
Elad Shmilovich
Elad ShmilovichMaker@elad_shmilo · Co-Founder & CMO at
@aggriffith Thanks, we'll check it and fix what is needed!
Yoni Dariel
Yoni Dariel@yonidariel · CEO, ONDiGO Sales Automation
A truly remarkable team here to do good. Inspiring.