Curated lists of relevant journalists for 40+ categories

Jonapr offers curated lists of journalists as per 40+ categories like Tech, Health, AI, Personal Finance, Lifestyle, Marketing, etc. Each list contains 200+ journalists and the list costs just $30 ( one-time).
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As an early stage business, most people don’t have the capital to pay for a PR firm. There are simply just other more important priorities of what to use your marketing budget for. Mona and Jit have created quite an affordable solution for DIY PR. The quality of their lists is quite high compare to alternatives and the $30 per list will save you more time (and money) than trying to compile the list yourself. If you’re trying to get the word out for your company and don’t want to pay a PR firm yet, this is a great alternative.
@hnshah Thanks a lot Hiten for sharing your feedback. Really appreciate it.
We are Mona & Jit, makers of Jonapr and Promotehour. With Promotohour, we have been helping startups get press coverage in prominent media outlets like TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc., at a price that's within reach of startups. We wanted to make it even more affordable. One way to do that would be by providing a list of relevant journalists which makers can use to pitch their startups. Traditional media database apps are quite expensive. Few of them costs $6,000/year whereas some charge $100+/month. PR agencies & big companies can afford it, we can't. Even after paying such a premium, you still have to scan hundreds of records to find relevant journalists. Been there, done that. Jonapr removes the hassle of searching by giving you a curated list of journalists for 40+ categories like Tech, Health, AI, Marketing, Fintech, etc. Pick the list suitable to your startup, prepare a compelling story, and pitch it to the journalists. And the list costs you just $30 - one-time. No recurring payment. Would love to hear your feedback on this and how we can improve it.
Mona & Jit were responsive and delivered a quality list of media outlets + reporters!