Brew coffee and tea in a rechargeable mug on the go ☕️

I know them -- will ping! @durr EDIT: pinged makers....
Love the hustle of this @TheJoltCoffee team! Get after it!
I really want to get the makers in on this one.
@dredurr we're here now! Took a minute to get approved by Product Hunt. Let me know if you have any questions!
@michael_jordan I was wondering about the heating process. Once you heat up the coffee does the temperature drop to a more "drinkable" temperature? I remember coffee joulies saying the perfect temp was 140 degrees. Or does the temperature increase and just stay at that point until it is consumed. ☕️☕️☕️
@dredurr Yes the temperature would drop to a more drinkable temperature after brewing and would then stay warm just as other thermoses do. However, we use double wall insulation so it stays quite hot for a long period of time. In testing, we've found we stay on the hotter side of 140. But if you kept the lid off for a little bit, it would cool down nicely if you needed it to.
Just curious, but are we so short on time that we need to brew coffee and tea "on the go"? So much so that we need to dump out the grinds or tea bag "mid-commute" so that we can actually consume our beverage?
@joshuapinter Valid point, but there definitely are people we've heard from who would love to be able to brew in their car and wake up ten minutes later and stop polluting landfills with Keurig's plastic pods. Or we often hear they simply don't have a coffee maker at work and don't want to pay Starbucks prices for every cup, so they would like something small that fits on their desk like the Jolt!
@joshuapinter... to add on, even other portable French press cups require tedious grind removal, we just improve on that by making it seamless with little to no clean up or hassle.
@michael_jordan Agreed. Only if I had Jolt a couple weeks ago! Ended up buying a coffee maker for my new office that is only used by me. It takes up space and because it's hard to clean, I don't even use it as often! :-/
nice one! Hey Joe got funded on Kickstarter with a quite similar project a while ago
@fatmike182 Yup, we saw them a while ago. :) The main difference is Hey Joe is only a coffee warmer. They only reach 165 degree Fahrenheit, which you can't brew coffee with (although they make it seem as though you can...). Our device actually reaches right below boiling at 203 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature to brew coffee as any barista will tell you.