A beautiful, pixel perfect FAQ in seconds ❤️

#2 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2019
Get a beautiful, clean, pixel perfect FAQ in seconds for you website ❤️
Some cool features :
🎉 Super simple easy content creation
💪 Automatic content import
❤️ Tailor made FAQ
👊 Easy to embed in your website/app
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Fix your PH icon, it's not a pixel perfect icon. For me when I see that someone wrote "pixel perfect" and the first graphic I see is not perfect I lost faith.
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@_fones Thanks for your feedback. The pixelated logo is gone :)
With Simon and Mathieu, we needed for a side project to have a nice, simple FAQ. Not a customer support management tool. Just a nice FAQ. We did not find anything we liked so we built it. You can now enjoy it!
This looks awesome, well done @chaibax & team! I've often thought there should be a product like this that integrates into your email because: 1. you could automatically answer support emails using the FAQ if there's a high enough semantic match between the question and the email 2. you could have a feedback loop where support questions received by email that are not already in the FAQ are added to the FAQ, thus reducing your support email over time
@alxcnwy Thank you for sharing your ideas! We will think about it in next weeks ;)
From > JolieFAQ is currently in beta so we only have one pricing plan: completely free. 💸 As a user, I'm always really skeptical to start using any product that tells me it's "free for now" with no indication of how long that offer will last, what I would eventually have to pay to keep using it, or even whether I am locked in with no easy way to export my data. (When we launched HelpSite to serve a similar hosted FAQ need (also with a free plan), we tried to be careful to let people know exactly what they'd be getting on a free forever plan versus what we would be charging for.)
@richardlovesfaq Thank you for your feedback. We are working on princing and plans, so this page might change soon.
Looks very nice! 😊 I'm looking forward to some kind of premium plans to integrate the faq in the website (something like selfhosting)