Say no to bad video on conference calls

We all have been on calls where people have such bad connection that you wonder if they're using dialup.
JoinMyCall shows guests how others will see them in a video call.
If everything's good, the guest can proceed to the meeting link.
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Hello PH 👋 We all have been on conference calls where some people have such bad connection that you wonder if they're using dialup. To fix this problem, Introducing, JoinMyCall 🎉 ✅ Hosts of the meeting can create infinite meeting links (eg. Zoomcall, Google Meet or Hangouts) ✅ It makes guest check video/audio quality before they jump in the call ✅ Guests may skip the quality checking process if in hurry Let us know if you run into any issues. We ❤️ feedback!
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Easy and Simple to use.. nice work 👌
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Simple and great idea :) But I see an error always when I'm trying to open a generated link, there is a screenshot of the error:
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@zachmian hey Damian, thanks a lot for feedback... Right now we support only zoomcall and google meet or hangouts... If you used some other link, let us know what the link was :)
@kumar_abhirup Actually I was trying to make links for the Google Meet when this happened
@zachmian oh, then it's a bug... We will look into this today :) u may file an issue or I will do it :) For now, you can create a short link at and generate a joinmycall link using the bitly link... Lemme know if that worked :)
@zachmian @gbougakov now, every link works :)
Prefect! :)
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